Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does anyone know what Michael Kinsley is talking about?

Holy context-less arguments, Batman! But I swear, I can't really make out what Kinsley is trying to say in his most recent Washington Post op-ed ("A Capitalist Swindle"). Is he talking about squeeze-outs in a hostile takeover? Either Kinsley's article has been edited down to the point where critical elements of his argument have been deleted (wouldn't be the first time an editor has done something stupid like that); or Kinsley doesn't understand the topic well enough to describe what he is upset about.

Any ideas out there?

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SmoothB said...

I think he's just talking about hostile takeovers in general, or perhaps about takeovers in general. As I read it, he seems to be saying that if transactions ever take place, then the market is not efficient, since that suggests there are two prices.