Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Michael Aguirre has his own blog

I don't know why I care even a wit about what an idiot San Diego's City Attorney Michael Aguirre is. I don't live in San Diego. And while it really annoys me when local politicians use taxpayer money to push political causes through the legal system when they know full well that higher authorities (the federal government, the courts, etc.) have already ruled against them, Aguirre is not the only one who does this. You see the same thing with South Dakota's anti-abortion law, which doesn't just try to push the boundaries of Roe v. Wade, but force the Supreme Court to directly take up the entire case again (something it almost certainly won't do, no matter how conservative the court--it is much much easier both politically and legally to just chip away at the edges until the original ruling has lost most of its meaning). You saw it with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who insisted on putting up a huge stone monument to the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court building, despite clear court decisions against him. In each case, taxpayer money was used to tilt at a given politican's personal political windmills.

So Aguirre isn't the only one out there. But Aguirre so goes out of his way to be annoying that I can't help but notice. And I find that even more annoying. His latest annoyance is his own blog, called The Aguirre Report, where he uses the San Diego City website to denounce San Diego's main newspaper, the Union Tribune. I particularly like the question he asks: "The real question is, why is the U-T devoting hundreds of inches of copy in their newspaper to discredit me?"

Because you're an idiot, Mr. Aguirre. And you are using too much taxpayer money flaunting your idiotry. San Diego has some serious problems, but your press conferences aren't going to solve them. Actually offering sound legal advice and turning over key documents to auditors on a timely basis might, but pissing off half your staff so they quit probably won't.

Oh, and by the way...Bobby Kennedy? Also an idiot.

Oh, and one other thing...if you had any guts, you'd have a comment section on your blog. But I suppose Mike is too busy reading his employees' emails to care about what San Diegoans have to say.

See the Union Tribune's latest "hit piece" here.

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