Tuesday, September 05, 2006

University of Fatwalogy

I'm thinking of opening a correspondence-only graduate school. I'll call it the "University of Fatwalogy." It's correspondence-only, and by that I mean you correspond with me by sending me a check for $150, and I'll correspond with you by sending you this diploma. I'll even put your name on it, if you want. You will, of course, need to write an actual dissertation involving groundbreaking research on some important topic. Like this recent groundbreaking study on how celebrities are actually more narcissistic than the average person. The fact that it is "groundbreaking," of course, won for Dr. Drew Pinsky his very own Doctorate of Fatwalogy. But since this topic has already been taken, you will need to either do a follow-up study, or write about something else. Like maybe how engineers tend to do more math than the average person. Or how medical doctors, on average, meet more sick people than do "normal" people like you and me.

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I await your findings. And your $150.

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