Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Daily Fatwa" dies; "My Daily Fatwa" lives on

Here I was, thinking I was building a UK fan base with my incessant harping about the London Stock Exchange, and it turns out all you Brits out there are looking for news about the Daily Star's spoof "Daily Fatwa" newspaper! While I admit that "Page 3 Burka Babes" is a nice idea, it all seems a bit derivative, if you ask me. Particularly the title. Also, if you UK guys are looking for free speech protection for parodies and the like, you're living on the wrong continent, amigos. (However, I'll admit your recent high court decision extending protections against libel charges to reporters covering political figures is a step in the right direction--even if it's about seven decades late.)

All the same, it seems that the Daily Star ditched the idea after the newspaper's staff revolted against the idea. Frankly, there's your problem! If you are going to go down that route, especially in a heavily Muslim country, be prepared to go all the way. And, second, you're going to let a bunch of reporters push around your newspaper?? Unionized reporters?? Would Rupert Murdoch put up with that crap?

No wonder you lost your empire.

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