Friday, October 13, 2006

New form of Extreme Fighting becomes popular with today's youth: Frozen-shrimp-in-the-pants Wrasslin'

The York, Pennsylvania Daily Record reports that Kenneth George Bilwin II, 28, ("of no fixed address") managed to take on two Giant grocery store managers while packing three bags of frozen shrimp in his pants. He was only subdued and taken into custody after two of the power-packing bags of shrimp fell out of his baggy pants.

In my opinion, Bilwin deserves his fate. Everyone knows that the power three bags of frozen shrimp in your pants can give you will be lost if two of those bags fall out. And, trust me, you will need that power if you are going up against two Giant grocery store managers. That's why I always wear contour-hugging tighty-whities (and nothing else) when stuffing bags of shrimp down my pants.

(Thanks again to Pokey for the tip.)

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lizzylarceny said...

well at least he was going for the good stuff... i guess?