Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fatwa 1

A fatwa traditionally is a legal opinion or decree handed down by a Muslim legal scholar. I'm not a Muslim legal scholar, or at all knowledgable about Shariah. But, then, neither are a lot of people who issue fatwas these days. Since issuing fatwas is now open to pretty much any Tom, Dick and now-deceased uneducated Jordanian street-thug, why shouldn't I get in on the gig?

My Daily Fatwa is just the place. It's where I tell you what sucks and why. Also, you can debate other things that suck, and I can issue a fatwa determining whether, in fact, it does suck. Much of this will be random, like my mind. Which brings me to the my very first Daily Fatwa:

Consistency. I declare a fatwa against consistency, at least as it comes to this blog. Hallmark of a small mind, as far as I'm concerned. In particular, this means that, while it's called "My Daily Fatwa," it may not always be daily. And it may be more than daily, since I might like to store up. First, I've got things to do. I may not get around to a fatwa. Second, lots of things piss me off on a given day, so I may issue multiple fatwas. Third, what pisses me off today may not piss me off tomorrow, if I change my mind or somebody pays me off. So I might rescind a fatwa at any given time. Though I doubt it. I tend to stay pissed.

I may also issue redundant fatwas. Hey, sometimes I forget. Or sometimes you may just need reminding. Or, most likely, what pissed me off before probably will piss me off again, in which case I will issue a double fatwa on the responsible party's behind.

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