Monday, July 24, 2006

John Kerry is still an idiot

Al Gore can legitimately claim that "we would not be in this mess" if he had been elected. If Al Gore had become president in 2000, we would still have had a 9-11, but it seems very likely we would not have invaded Iraq. But John Kerry claims that Hezbollah would not be attacking Israel right now if he had been elected, because this Iraq mess is distracting the Bush Administration from the rest of the Middle East.

He seems not to be aware that we invaded Iraq a full year before he ran against Bush in 2004. Though this is strange, because he did vote in favor of the war. So it must be that he thinks, if he were president, we would be out of Iraq by now or the country would be completely pacified. If so, it would be wonderful if he would share this plan with the rest of us.

What exactly could this plan be? Maybe just get all the troops out ASAP--a complete withdrawal, with none of this "getting the job done" stuff. That would get us out of Iraq. And I can see that this show of resolve would completely convince the Iranians that pushing Hezbollah into a proxy war with Israel would be an ineffective way to strengthen their position in the Middle East and distract everyone from their nuclear program. (Though maybe there is some logic to this view. After all, if we withdrew and the Iranians could completely dominate Iraq, and, from there, the entire Persian Gulf, maybe they wouldn't feel the need to tweak the Israelis. John could be right after all!)

Maybe Kerry thinks we would be out of Iraq by now if we would have just "Iraqified" the war. You know, turn it over to the Iraqi military, as soon as they are properly trained--we stand down and they stand up and all? And maybe we could try to negotiate a deal between the Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds. Damn, I wish someone would tell the Bush about that idea! I'm sure that one would work!

If you ever find yourself asking how someone as dumb and inarticulate as Bush can lead a country into a war that has not turned out as advertised, can get pretty much everyone in the world upset with us, can sit on a shaky economy, can piss off pretty much everyone in his political base, and can still get himself reelected, just remember--John Kerry.

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