Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe Biden should stay out of Dunkin Donuts

When conservative politicians say racist things, it's deplorable and ugly. But when liberal politicians say racist things, it can be funny. Archie Bunker funny. Funny in the way that only someone who thinks he or she is better and smarter than everyone else -- but in reality is a lot stupider -- can be.

As a society, we've done a pretty good job of pushing down the more Neanderthalish forms of racism among our leaders, even if it is still a running undercurrent with some people and some politicians. (And not that I've got anything against Neanderthals. Some of my best friends have prominent brow ridges.) It's underground, so you have to read between the lines (though not very much, perhaps) to go after Trent Lott. But to see real, condescending, "progressive" racism -- well, for that, you have to go to Joe Biden!

And I bet he thinks he has a black friend named Alan, too.


ryan said...

It's like Michael Scott got elected to the Senate ... and is generally considered to be one of the more sober minds

M.D. Fatwa said...

A friend notes that Biden's comments were actually rather clever, since his campaign slogan is, "Thank you, run again."