Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jihadists split on Islam's true enemy

This is what I'm talking about. The International Herald Tribune today reports that there is a division in the Islamofascist/jihadist camp, over whether to support Hezbollah against Israel. Seems like your average man-in-the-street jihadista thinks anyone who hates Israel that much must be pretty cool. But the more discerning Islamofascist sees the dilemma: Hezbollah is a tool of Iran and Shi'ite to boot. Jews and Christians are bad, but Shi'ites, and Persian Shi'ites in particular, are intolerable. Hezbollah goes up in the polls, and before you know it the Iranians are calling the shots throughout the whole Middle East.

Forget Clausewitz my ass.

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ryan said...

I find Kaplan's lack of faith in liberal society ... disturbing.

[insert image of Kaplan's throat being crushed by invisible hand]